Terms and Policies


All local purchases and shipments made from Flite Instruments will be on a C.O.D. basis, unless a credit account has been established. We accept Discover, MasterCard and VISA for your convenience.


The exchange core you provide must be the exact part number Flite Instruments shipped to you unless previous arrangements have been made.  Each exchange core must be repairable, meaning it should have no case damage, water or other contamination damage, electronically shorted or missing parts that are too costly to make it economically repairable.  If the exchange unit you receive is a specific modification or service bulletin level and your exchange core does not match the levels, it would not be acceptable.  In any instance listed above, it would be returned to you in “AS-IS” condition.  If you have another suitable core, you may send it upon being notified or it will become an outright sale.  If an exchange core is not in our possession within twenty-one (21) days, the transaction will become an outright sale with additional charges, unless previous arrangements have been made.  Flite Instruments is NOT responsible for any costs incurred during the removal and/or the re-installation process.


In the event the unit you receive from Flite Instruments that you wish to return, an approval must be obtained from us before the unit is returned.  If you received an outright sale or exchange that you decide you do not want, the unit must be returned as soon as approval is obtained, within a ten (10) day time limit, or it will have a restocking fee in the amount of twenty percent (20%) of the outright sale or exchange price.  It must be in unused condition and no damage to the unit.  After thirty (30) days, our policy is not to accept the return.  Flite Instruments is NOT responsible for any costs incurred during the removal and/or the re-installation process.

Shipping Information:

All instruments being sent in for service are to be prepaid.  On international shipments, we do not pay for any of the freight shipment charges coming in or going out, or any charges associated with an international shipment such as import fees, export fees, or duties charged by any person or shipping carrier.  If this should happen in error, you would be billed for the shipping or handling amount.  All shipments made by this company will be insured for full replacement value.  If you elect to not have your shipment insured, we will need a signed letter that states you will not hold Flite Instruments responsible if your instrument should be lost or damaged during shipment.  We must, however, insure exchanges and outright sales for our protection.  If you receive a damaged shipment, please do not separate the unit from the shipping package.  The shipping agency is to be notified immediately for inspection so a claim can be filed.

Warranty Duration:

New & Overhaul: 1 Year or 400Hrs.

Repair: 90 Days

Bench Tested: None

Warranty Shipping Instructions:

Unit must be packed with sufficient packing material and box large enough to allow at least four inches or more space around the unit that would prevent any further damage.  Larger units really need to be double boxed.  Warranty on any unit would be from the time it was certified and we must receive it before the expiration date.  On a repaired unit, the warranty is good only for the service that was accomplished during the repair.  Any new problems would be subject to additional charges and you would be notified.  Any warranty is void if the seal is broken, if the unit shows evidence of mishandling, abuse, damage, accident or if the unit has been opened or altered outside of this repair station.  Unit must be shipped prepaid. We will pay the return freight if a warranty is indeed accepted via ground service only. If you elect to have the warranty unit returned to you quicker, you will be required to pay the difference in the freight charges.  Flite Instruments is NOT responsible for any costs incurred during the removal and/or the re-installation process.

Shipping Address:

Flite Instruments & Avionics
2310 S. Airport Blvd. Suite #11
Chandler, AZ  85286